Our data recovery services range in price and complexity, depending on the amount of hard drives or type of storage media you have. Here are some examples when we are able to help you:

  • Failure of the hard drive - mechanical, electronic, bad sectors (we can recover the data from the bad sectors in most cases), etc.
  • Problem with the firmware of the hard drive leading to hard drive not being able to communicate with the PC
  • Software problems such as file system corruption, corruption of the partition table, etc. leading to files or whole partitions become inaccessible
  • Problems due to some extraordinary circumstances - fire damage, water damage, power surges & outages and other natural disasters
  • Loss of important data as a result of viruses
  • Human errors such as files or emails accidentally deleted, reformatting a hard drive, etc.
  • Physically damaged USB sticks/Flash memory cards (not recognized by the PC) can be recovered by our advanced equipment in most cases

Clean Room

In order to be able to do successful recoveries we are fully equipped with a Class 10 Clean Room, better than a Class 100 Clean Room, required to work with an opened hard drive.

Our data recovery process is:

If you want to submit a new job you should send the hard drive to us in Bulgaria - by means of a local courier company or the standard postal service. Please, make sure you download our "Diagnose form" fill it in, sign it and send it to us with the drive. Your hard drive will be logged into our system upon receival and queued for evaluation. You will get a confirmation by email that your drive has arrived. As soon as the evaluation process has been completed, we will contact you with technical details regarding the files that can be recovered. If you agree with the results from the evaluation you should pay the price of the service by means of a wire tranfer. We will then proceed with completing your recovery job and send the recovered data back to you on a DVD by courier (or a hard drive if the amount of data is more than 200GB). In most cases you can securely download the recovered data from our FTP server within several hours (up to 200GB). Should your recovery job be unsuccessful or you do not agree with our conditions (insufficient data recovered) you can cancel your recovery job and pay nothing ("No Cure, No Pay", excluding extra services and shipping).

During evaluation and completion of your job, your drive is in a special "read-only" mode. We NEVER overwrite parts of your hard drive. The integrity of your data is hence never placed in jeopardy.

The typical turnaround time for non-urgent jobs is 3 working days. If you have more than one hard drive (RAID,SAN,NAS) we may need 1-2 more working days to complete the job.

Most urgent jobs are completed within 24 hours (provided we don't need spare parts that we don't have available). If you have more than one hard drive (RAID,SAN,NAS) we may need 1-2 more working days to complete the job.