Prices of DRS Bulgaria Ltd. for foreign customers, valid from 1 March 2017:

Standard price (incl. 50GB of data):

Floppy disk 40 €
Zip disk 40 €
Flash memory (or USB stick) 200 €
Hard drive (SATA, PATA/IDE, laptop, camera) 250 €
RAID array (0, 1, 1+0, 10, 3, 4, 5, 6) 150 € per hard drive
CD/DVD 90 €

Additional charges (if applicable):

Recovery of encrypted data (decryption) 200€
"Non-Windows" file system (Apple/Mac, Linux/Unix/BSD, Novell or other) 20% upon the standard price
SCSI/SAS hard drive 20% upon the standard price

Extra services (outside "No Cure, No Pay"):

Urgent job:
within working hours - successful/unsuccessful job 100 € / 30 €
night - successful/unsuccessful job 200 € / 50 €
weekend - successful/unsuccessful job 400 € / 50 €
Hard drive with a broken sticker 50 €
Analysis of a RAID set 50€ per hard drive

All prices are in Euro.

The standard price does not include costs related to ordering spare parts in case we need some in order to complete your job.

All prices mentioned above include recovery of up to 50GB of data. Should it be necessary to recover more data, we will additionally charge you 1 Euro per every GB with a maximum price of our services of 400 Euro (this maximum price is not applicable for RAID arrays and is excl. shipping costs or spare parts if needed). You can give us instructions what has to be recovered, e.g. "My documents folder", etc.

How you will get your data back depends upon the amount of data recovered. If you have up to 200GB of data you can download the files from a special password-protected directory on our webserver. If you have more than 200GB of data we have to purchase a new hard drive in order to deliver the data to you, these additional costs depend upon the kind of hard drive you would choose.

We currently charge no VAT for our international customers which makes our services even more advantageous for private persons.