Why in Bulgaria

  • Because of our very high success rate.
  • Because we have all necessary hardware equipment and software tools to successfully recover your valuable data.
  • Because we have recovered data from hard drives that other data recovery companies have declared "unrecoverable".
  • Because of our reasonable prices that you only have to pay in case we successfully recover your data.
  • Because of the great quality of our services. If you submit an urgent job it will be completed within 24 hours upon arrival of your hard drive in most cases.
  • Because we speak English so there could be no language problems.
  • Because Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 1 January 2007 and the customs is not involved anymore by small parcels from other EU countries.
  • Because we don't charge VAT for our foreign customers which makes our services even more advantageous for private persons.
  • Because you can quickly and safely download your recovered files from our FTP server (up to 200GB).